Cape Cannabis .com (aka hopes to become your primary resource for news and information related to the legal medical marijuana industry here in the Cape Cod & Islands area.

UPDATE May 2015: After too long a wait for patients entitled to Marijuana, there appears to be some movement towards final implementation of the law. As a guy too familiar with the need for marijuana as medicine, I know cannabis can improve the quality of people’s lives.

We are currently considering the best way to make this site a quality resource for patients and vendors.

We hope to address the various interests of patients by providing a forum with information about caregivers, ideas on growing and consuming, recipes, the latest in vaporizers and related issues.

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Pardon Our Vacancy..

We certainly look forward to welcoming the new medical marijuana dispensaries as they begin operations. In fact, we’re reserving space for them!


In January 2014, the State of Massachusetts selected some 20 Medical Marijuana “Pot” Dispensary Applications. Of those, in Barnstable County, 1 dispensary will be located in Dennis, and the other dispensary is to be located in Mashpee, Mass.

Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries were also approved for several areas close to the Cape, including Taunton, Fairhaven and Plymouth.  

The primary coverage area of Cape Cannabis is Barnstable County, which includes Cape Cod. However, we expect (and hope) that competitive pricing factors as well as quality and product variation between competing dispensaries could certainly be cause for a marijuana patient to purchase their medication from outside their county, the Plymouth, Taunton, Fairhaven or other dispensaries, and visa versa.

If you or a loved one have interest in the Cape Cod medical marijuana landscape, caregiver services, dispensary information, perhaps you are looking for services here in the Cape Cod area, please keep us in mind as we watch the tides turn on Cape Cod and medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

* Cape Cannabis does not advocate illegal activity.