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Cape Cod marijuana update: Nov 9, 2016: Massachusetts Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana!

This profound change in Massachusetts Marijuana Laws is certainly going to produce opportunities on
several fronts.. From growing to retail sales. Be sure to check back as we develop our Marijuana properties.

The New Massachusetts Law allows an individual 21 or older to possess 1 ounce of pot outside their home and up to 10 ounces inside their homes, and to cultivate up to six plants, 12 per household, Starting Dec 15, 2016.

You can grow up to six marijuana plants on your property, 12 per household, so long as it is out of public view. You’ll also be allowed to give up to one ounce of marijuana to another person without payment. (So I’m going to need to make 10 good friends real soon!)

Under the medical Marijuana law, Mass allows up to 5 dispensaries in each Massachusetts county. We expect that competitive pricing factors as well as quality and product variation between competing dispensaries could certainly be cause for a marijuana patient to purchase their medication from outside their county. Retail sales have been intentionally delayed until January 2018. has a market advantage of 300,000 tourist being on Cape all summer long, a unique opportunity with up to 5 dispensaries competition in each county, and reciprocal state laws. will serve as a media and marketplace portal, where up to 5 dispensaries in 14 different counties can be listed, analyzed and advertised. We are talking an estimated $1.1 billion dollar market by 2020, according to the Globe. Now, with legalization in place, the competition for marijuana related product and services is expected to mushroom. will be an employment and services portal for this new industry. We anticipate Caregiver rules will change, will be allowed to care for, and grow in some instances, for more than 1 patient. There are tens of thousands of patients. With legalization we can expect there to be new labor markets in industries from growing to  delivery.

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