Cape Cannabis .com observes the marijuana markets of Cape Cod, Barnstable County, the Islands and surrounding region.  We will provide news & updates on the medical marijuana dispensaries, license and caregiver information, as well as information of pot related sales & services on Cape Cod. We eagerly await a medical marijuana dispensary on Cape. Visit Cape Cannabis on Facebook.

Massachusetts may vote to legalize pot in 2016. It may be that the Cape Cod medical marijuana dispensaries simply have a head start on what will be a much larger industry. Years after the law passed the Cape has no dispensary, so access to the medicine is scarce and expensive.
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As of May 2016, there are over 150 Applications Pending for pot dispensary licenses. When the Cape opens a medical marijuana dispensary we will update News and Resources for our guests. Once it gets up and rolling, it should be interesting. The numbers as of April 2016: 6 RMDs open for sales - 16,510 active patients - 785 active caregivers - 124 certifying physicians - 22,635 active physician certifications. There are several licenses expected to be issued soon , see Mass Marijuana .net for off Cape news..

Cape Cannabis .com is a resource for news and information related to the noncriminal, legal and medical marijuana industry here in the Cape Cod & Islands area. We hope to address the various interests of patients and others by providing a forum with information about caregivers, ideas on growing and consuming, recipes, the latest in vaporizers and related issues.

Mass law allows up to 5 dispensaries in each Massachusetts county. We expect (and hope) that competitive pricing factors as well as quality and product variation between competing dispensaries could certainly be cause for a marijuana patient to purchase their medication from outside their county, the Plymouth, Taunton, Fairhaven or other dispensaries, and visa versa.

As we enter 2016 there has been a complete overhaul in the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana licensing system, and many other applicants are in the pipeline. As a licensed medical marijuana patient living on Cape, my last trip 70 miles to an off-Cape dispensary, I was limited to 2 grams of ‘medicine’ @ $20.00 per gram, cannabis, I shake my head.. Not good enough.

If you have interest in Cape Cod medical marijuana, caregiver services, dispensary information, or you are looking for services here in the Cape Cod area, please keep us in mind as we watch the tides turn on Cape Cod and medical marijuana. Consider Bookmarking or Sharing us using icons above.

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